Robert Irving Epps Killed in Truck Accident in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX – December 22, 2022, Robert Irving Epps was killed following an accident where an 18-wheeler hit his vehicle.

Investigators said that the crash took place at around 10:37 p.m. along the southbound lanes of I-35E near Medical District Road.

It appears that 55-year-old Robert Irving Epps was in a vehicle that became disabled in the center of the freeway. While there, an 18-wheeler slammed into the back of the car. Epps sustained fatal injuries due to the crash. No other injuries were reported.

According to public information, the 18-wheeler apparently had a dash cam which showed the 18-wheeler “made no attempt to stop or avoid” Epps’s vehicle. If true, did they preserve this video? It would no doubt be vital in ensuring the victim’s loved ones have as much evidence as possible about what happened to their loved one.

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