Couple in rear-end crash witnesses pedestrian hit-and-run in South Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - A rear-end crash in South Nashville quickly turned into a life-threatening situation.

A couple spoke to WSMV how the early morning fender-bender turned into a hit-and-run.

The crash happened on Murfreesboro Pike and Smith Springs Road. A couple driving through an intersection said seconds after being hit, the situation only got worse.

“It all happened out of nowhere,” said driver Courtney Murphy. “It was very traumatic actually.”

Murphy explained as she approached the light at the Murfreesboro Pike and Smith Springs Road intersection, she noticed a car behind her going fast.

As she turned to her boyfriend in the passenger seat to share her concern, Murphy said her body jerked forward.

“As soon as I finished the sentence, he rear-ended us,” Murphy said. “We started to spin a couple of times until I was able to hit the brakes and finally we ended up on the other side of the street this way,” Murphy explained.

When their car came to a screeching halt, Murphy said her boyfriend Justin Johnson jumped out and started documenting on his phone.

“The front of his car was pretty much totaled so he had to get himself together,” Murphy said. “By the time he got out, I realized he was kind of stumbling a little bit.”

Murphy said the other driver and Johnson talked and looked at the cars.

While the couple stood in awe, struggling to communicate with the driver who rear-ended them, something else happened.

Murphy said the guy was getting cold so he ran across the street to get his jacket, however, before he got to his car, another car hits him.

“Another car comes, the white car, and hits him speeding,” Murphy said.

The couple said it all happened so fast.

“It was looking very gruesome,” Johnson said. “It looked very bad for him. He was literally ran over. They whole car went over his body and he still survived.”

In video sent in by Johnson, the car can be seen smashed into the side of the road with the man stuck under the back wheel.

What happened next, Murphy said was heartbreaking.

“The driver took off running and the passenger side gets out of the car and he started to take off running but eventually came back,” Murphy said.

Murphy added that the driver never came back.

While emergency crews rushed the man to a nearby hospital, the couple started praying.

“Regardless of how frustrating it was when he first hit us, he didn’t deserve to be hit by another car. He didn’t deserve that at all. That was just crazy,” Murphy said.

WSMV4 is working to find out the condition of the man hit in the middle of the road. We reached out to Metro Police, but they have not responded. Witnesses said he was conscious before crews took him to a nearby hospital.

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