Hazard Enhanced Lighting Package (“H.E.L.P.")

A Solution that is Long Overdue

Emergency Safety Solutions (ESS) is working to eliminate crashes involving disabled vehicles with its new intelligent emergency communications feature called the “Hazard Enhanced Lighting Package” or H.E.L.P. for short.

The H.E.L.P.  solution combines highly visible emergency-based flash rates of the vehicle lighting, and digital notifications sent to other vehicles and GPS-based mapping applications. These features deliver advanced warning to oncoming traffic – giving approaching drivers minutes, not just milliseconds, to more safely respond to the disabled vehicle.

Enhanced Emergency Lighting

ESS is increasing visual conspicuity of stationary and disabled vehicles with the addition of a H.E.L.P. Emergency mode added to the standard hazard light system. Our H.E.L.P. solution does that by offering:

  • Faster emergency mode flash rates combined with smart intelligence
  • Emergency activation features that deploy automatically upon collision (airbag deployment) and can be activated by other safety trigger events such as a tire blowout or engine failure
  • Manual activation by the driver when the vehicle is stationary and in park

Advance Digital Alerts

We are integrating intelligent emergency warnings via digital notifications to supplement the increased visibility provided by the enhanced hazard and emergency lighting system.

When our H.E.L.P. solution is activated manually or upon a vehicle collision (or other triggering event), oncoming drivers will receive an advanced warning of a disabled vehicle ahead via their in-car navigation screen.

HELP Nav Screen

Societal Change

We are also raising public awareness of the safety problem and advocating for effective solutions to mitigate this issue.

  • ESS is advocating for updates to State Move Over Laws to expand their applicability to passenger vehicles while flashing in ESS’ H.E.L.P. Enhanced Emergency Mode.
  • We’re also driving and supporting public safety awareness campaigns to reach automotive safety organizations as well as state and federal transportation officials.

Value Proposition

Save Lives

Increased vehicle conspicuity is a proven technique that reduces secondary collisions (moving vehicles hitting stationary vehicles) and fatalities of pedestrians attending to disabled vehicles

Optimized Lighting Solution

The H.E.L.P. flash pattern operates within the 4-6 Hertz frequency range and adds up to an additional 30% increase in light intensity. ESS designed this optical solution for consistent deployment across the various OEM vehicle models.

Low Integration Cost

Implementation cost of H.E.L.P. will vary by vehicle make and model but is deployed as an original equipment solution for minimal cost, depending on the vehicle’s current lighting system


At a cost of less than 5/100ths of a percent of average new vehicle MSRP, H.E.L.P. provides the best cost-benefit of any safety feature since the seatbelt.

No Additional Hardware Needed

In most cases, the H.E.L.P. solution is integrated through a software update to existing vehicle hardware architectures, making adoption simple and cost-effective


H.E.L.P. can be integrated with advanced first responder and driver-to-driver communication to create an intelligent communication safety solution that operates with V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2X (Vehicle to Environment) platforms to provide additional, digital advanced warning

Sales Value

Today’s outdated standard vehicle hazard system has not changed since its introduction nearly 70 years ago. H.E.L.P. revolutionizes this function, making it an intelligent safety solution that will help eliminate hundreds of thousands preventable accidents.

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